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Capacity up to 11t Tilt Trays, transporting access equipment (EWP’s), boats, buildings (site sheds, tiny houses), cars, See More…

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For transport of access equipment (EWP’s), agricultural machinery, boats, buildings (site sheds), buses, containers,See More…

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All container transport, 20’, 40’, local and interstate collection and delivery, whether it be for Agriculture, CommercialSee More…

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Hotshot Transport

“For when it absolutely has to be there”. Our competent personnel and diverse fleet, for all size load requirements,See More…

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We offer specialised transport for a range of ‘long’, ‘wide’ or ‘high’ oversize loads, from structural steel,See More…

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We offer specialised transport for Overmass loads, be it containers, indivisible heavy machinerySee More…

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Here at Transport & Hire Solutions we work with general managers, operation managers, business owners and the general public to solve their transportation requirements throughout Australia. We are incredibly experienced with tilt tray trucks, the moving of extremely large machinery via heavy haulage, containerised transport at ports, mass loads which are oversize and even hotshot transport dealing with highly sensitive time frames.

THS deal daily with the complexities of many industries; construction, mining sector, farming and agriculture, rail network, shipping and ports, aviation – and we even have the ability to move boats or small houses. At the forefront of any transportation task is safety – this is the priority for THS, its staff and customers goods. If you want someone reliable and for your freight to reach its destination without a scratch, then make an inquiry today.

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There are various reasons for truck transport in the Brisbane area and throughout Australia — whether you’re in need to transport big heavy machinery or equipment, shifting your construction site, or perhaps trying to move a small house. Either way, experience is the key to safety in heavy haulage. There are various ways to execute a truck transport project, but only one is typically correct. The proper method entails a great deal of communication, as well as safety protocols, licensure, and of course insurance. Because there are so many possibilities for error, picking a transportation company can be challenging. We understand that you will have many options, therefore we want you to be informed fully with Transport & Hire Solutions so you can make the right decision for you.


The trucking industry is one of Australia’s most active industries. According to statistics, the number of people who choose to work in the trucking and transportation industry, whether as loaders, drivers, operation managers or business owners, continues to rise every year, with no signs of stopping or slowing down. The reasons are simple: this industry provides numerous benefits such as a large market for expansion, employment security, and a good wage. There are numerous more advantages to be had in this industry, but there are also certain risks to be aware of. If you’re debating whether or not to engage a trucking company, the following material will provide you a clear picture of what you need to know and what to think about before getting started.

Road transport is a critical component of Australia’s transportation network and a key enabler of the economy. Due to Australia’s vast size and low population density in many areas, road transport is heavily relied upon. Another reason for the reliance on roads is that the Australian rail network is inadequate for a lot of freight and passenger requirements in most parts of the country. As a result, items that would normally be delivered by rail are transported across Australia by road trains.



Australia is a big country with low population compared to other countries of similar size. This aspect emphasizes the country’s growing demand for transportation by heavy vehicles. It generates billions of dollars in revenue for the country’s economy. As mentioned previously, unlike in industrialized nations, the railway network and system is not as expansive as other first world countries. Some locations are neither accessible or supplied by the existing railway system; instead, they must travel on their own or hire a vehicle to transport their goods.

Trucking is vital to the Australian economy, both directly and indirectly, due to the magnitude of the business and the economic activity it facilitates. With a wide land mass and a sparse population, Australia has the world’s fifth largest freight task. All of this means that efficiently transferring commodities across the country is crucial.

To name more important factors:

  • Most of our everyday needs, such as fresh food from the supermarket or corner shops, newspapers and magazines, gadgets and appliances, apparel, and so on, are dependent on trucks at some point in the distribution and transportation chain.
  • Trucks are not only the most flexible, responsive, and cost-effective means of transportation for the great majority of businesses, but they are also critical to the overall, integrated Australian logistics and transportation system.
  • Many critical public services, such as import/export, ports, couriers, council pick up/delivery, postal, fire, and construction materials — are delivered by trucks.
  • Trucks are part of a logistical network that includes inland waterways, sea, aviation, and rail transportation. While each has its own set of benefits, when combined, they constitute an integrated system. Trucks are also used to deliver freight to and from depots, rail terminals, airports, and ports by other modes of transportation.
  • In Australia, road freight transit is the backbone of trade and commerce.
  • 72% of freight transported by land is transported by truck.

Understanding the market size and key industry statistics is critical for anyone working in the trucking sector in Australia, whether they are business owners or truck drivers. All decisions made by business owners is critical, so they must understand not only the existing market size, but also the potential expansion of truck transportation and all trends. Purchasing trucks for sale that are in line with present and future market trends is unquestionably a sign of a knowledgeable business owner.



It’s critical to understand the advantages of truck transportation, particularly if you’re dealing with freight in a country like Australia. These ostensible advantages have pushed Australians to switch to this mode of transportation. When compared to other modes of transportation, trucking is relatively cost-effective. If your budget is a constraint, this is the best mode of transportation for you. In Australia, air freight is significantly more expensive than truck transportation. Aside from the financial advantages, there are other advantages to consider. Using truck transportation, you can virtually carry any type of item or goods unlike by plane. There are very little restrictions on the types of goods you want to transport. You can ship both perishable and non-perishable goods at extremely reasonable prices, all according to your specifications.

Truck transportation remains the most desired method of transport for short-distance and direct routes. When compared to sea or rail transportation, loading and unloading goods/cargo is a lot more accessible and easier; this reduces handling time and allows your goods to reach the destination sooner.

Furthermore, vehicles can readily drive on almost any road, regardless of weather or seasonal variations. This is a big advantage as Australia has it all – from the highest heat, dry lands, forests, beaches, mountains and snow.

This mode of transportation is far more dependable in terms of unanticipated delays. Road vehicles do, in fact, have better capabilities for managing mandated transit schedules. This enables them to adhere to the shipping contract’s time and location requirements. If something goes wrong on the railway track or at sea, there isn’t a lot of options – no plan B. Whereas on the road, there is usually other routes available.

Therefore, roads give you:

  • More adaptability.
  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • No wait time — deliver goods when they are needed.
  • Ability to connect with; rail, port shipping and airports/flights.
  • Shorter transit times.
  • Direct transit. (no go-betweens)

As you can see, compared to other modes of transportation, heavy haulage has several significant advantages, giving much more flexibility. Whether it’s because of its diversity, which stems from the many methods of loading and unloading; or because of its capacity to adapt to changing road conditions (such as weather and traffic), heavy vehicle transportation will most certainly meet all of your transportation requirements. This has never been more true, as trucking companies increasingly rely on technological advancements to make their operations more effective when transporting your freight. These companies have made clear logistical advancements because of this technology, in terms of communication, structure and organisation.

The final benefit of heavy haulage is that you will be put in direct contact with road transport specialists and transporters who will be able to advise and assist you in your transportation decision-making process.



The road freight sector is critical to the Australian trucking industry and the country’s broader economy. The road freight sector dominates the Australian market, outnumbering the sea, rail, and air freight sectors for a variety of reasons. To begin with, road freight transport is dependable and convenient. Furthermore, it offers low pricing that is accessible to both small and large businesses and companies. Most business owners choose road freight transit for non-bulk freight transportation, whether within the state or across the country.

Because Australia’s population density is so low and the distances between states are long, the country’s economy is significantly reliant on transportation. In terms of figures, the road freight industry generates more than $50 billion per year and employs more than 190,000 people. The road freight transport sector in Australia now employs roughly 43,000 people.

An increase in the number of persons renting and buying trucks is happening and is projected to increase by more than 5 percent in the next five years. The ever-expanding online market for trucks and other commercial vehicles is expected to have an impact on the road freight sector’s overall performance, delivering greater chances for all licensed truck drivers and small enterprises. The ever-expanding online market for booking trucks and other commercial vehicles is expected to have an impact on the road freight sector’s overall performance, delivering greater chances for all licensed truck drivers and small, medium and large enterprises.




When looking for a freight service, you should first make a list of the necessities. The list should include the services that are absolutely necessary for you, while others may be compromised.

Make a note of the dimensions and weight of your items and boxes, so that you can find a land freight service that fits your needs. You must also have precise distance, address and location information. Finding the proper freight services will be easier if you keep these points in mind.


While you can research for truck transport services on your own, it is a good idea to contact friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations. If they have had a positive experience with a company, you can be more confident with your decision. Even if you don’t decide right away, you can at least keep them on your shortlist.


To assist you in making a final decision, you should compile a list of transport companies that meet your needs. Only include companies and firms that you believe are relevant. If your needs require a lot of items to move, it’s pointless to look for a firm that doesn’t have the capabilities to transport them safely.


Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few companies, you’ll want to investigate their reputation. Look for internet reviews and testimonials to get a sense of the service quality and satisfaction. If a firm gets a lot of bad feedback, it’s time to move on to the next alternative.


The following step is to speak with each transport company. You should inquire if they provide the needed services as well as the level of security that you expect. Ask for their quotes for comparison and get a general feel by speaking with a person from each company on your shortlist.

You can meet the representative of the top two to three options you’ve chosen once you’ve got the list of services and quotations. This will provide greater clarity and aid in making a final decision based on the best price versus the services provided. Keeping the following pointers in mind will assist you in selecting the best transportation services in Australia for safely transporting your goods from one location to another.

We encourage you to consider and speak with us at Transport & Hire Solutions as we are here to listen, ask questions and best help you and your requirements.

Whether you’re considering the need for a tilt tray truck, or wanting large machinery and equipment transportation, or perhaps need regular containerised transport at shipping ports, or have mass loads which are classed as oversized transport or even require a hotshot transport specialist with highly sensitive time frames – we can assist you with everything.


Be assured we are taking precaution and following government restriction
and advice on COVID-19. We practice social distancing during all towing and transport services and follow hygiene regulations. We always have the health and safety of our staff and customers and look out for yourself and others.

If you require out transport services or have any questions,
Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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