Transport and Hire Solutions (THS) offers the ability to successfully (and urgently) deliver transport of extreme weight – backed by a wealth of experience. We can handle all your transport needs, whether they’re within Brisbane or any part of Australia.

Our company and our heavy haulage specialists dominate the Australian hauling market by providing comprehensive nationwide coverage and services. If your transfer necessitates several transport units, all of the large capacity you may be rest assured that THS can handle it without expensive mistakes. We provide our clients with efficient and high-quality transportation via any logistical situation.

We offer specialised transport for Overmass loads, be it containers, heavy machinery or equipment. We can also organise Permits, Pilots, and anything else required to deliver your Overmass load to its destination.

We compose appropriate plans for each job using our knowledge and technical expertise which has been accumulated over many years in operation. For urgent and critical delivery and transport of heavy haulage in Australia, we provide finely tuned project management, ensuring each client is happy with the job output.



Companies that outsource heavy haulage transportation trucks and vehicles to ship huge products, vehicles, boats, or even planes from one site to another are known as heavy haulage transportation. Employing this service from a professional transportation company such as THS is significantly more cost-effective than owning a truck or a vehicle large enough for the job; or even making multiple trips throughout Australia to transfer freight and merchandise to various sites to another.

A heavy haulage firm’s goal is to arrive at the location of your business, safely load the items, equipment or freight onto their trucks, and transport them to your desired location. Containers can be provided by the company if they are better for the cargo.  It’s also their obligation to ensure that the container is clean before your goods are placed inside. This process protects the products to be transported, especially those highly sensitive and delicate ones such as fertilizers and grains, from cross contamination.

The freight transportation and heavy haulage industry remains a significant contributor to Australia’s economic health. Learn more about the industry to navigate it with ease, whether you’re interested in employing heavy haul transportation services for your company or starting your own trucking company.




If you’re in the business of transporting big quantities of machinery, equipment, and devices, such as farming materials, or big-bulk items to numerous retailers around your area, heavy haulage transport is important in getting goods to customers in a fast, safe, and efficient manner. If your firm exports large and heavy goods that require specialized freight such as cars, boats, campers, or large farming equipment, you’ll need professional companies that specialize in heavy haul transportation services. Heavy haulage rates are determined by the location or destination you specify, as well as the number of driving hours it will take. These items of freight require secured transportation to different routes, therefore, hiring companies with excellent heavy haulage driving operations will surely be a big help for you in ensuring safe traverse for your items and products across Australia.




When in search of heavy haulage transport companies for your transportation needs, inquire about the products that they transport, how their heavy haulage trucks are being operated, what kind of equipment or assistance will they need to move freight, and how frequently they can make transports. In addition to these, it would also be necessary to ask if they do regular heavy haulage maintenance and check up on their trucks. It’s also critical that you search for and read through previous customer reviews and company ratings to ensure that you’re getting the service you deserve for the money you’ll spend for their services. Hiring heavy haulage transport companies may appear to be a higher expense at first, but it will prove to be a good investment in the long term to help your business transport and ship goods and products to locations across Australia.

Also, it’s important to have heavy haulage insurance. An accident, breakdown, or theft might severely disrupt your heavy haulage business operations and put you and your employees under a lot of stress. However, if you have a valid heavy haulage insurance coverage in place, you can be assured that you’ll receive the support and assistance you need to get back on the road as soon as possible.



One of Australia’s top priorities for workplace health and safety is road freight transportation. Because of the large number of work-related fatalities and injuries in the business, safety will always be a priority. The country is currently attempting to reduce these accidents by 30%. The Australian government is working with the industry and heavy haulage trucking unions to make heavy haulage transportation a safer sector for everyone.




If you are curious on how much heavy haulers make, we can give you a snippet. The average base pay for heavy haulage drivers and heavy haulage contractors in Australia is approximately $30.80 per hour as of 2021.

Obviously a lot  depends on the employee’s skill level and years of experience and there may be several prospects for career growth and better remuneration and advancement when it comes to your profession.

You’ll need a heavy vehicle license if you plan on pursuing a job in driving huge vehicles like heavy haulage trucks around Australia. Here’s what you need to know about getting a truck driver’s license in Australia before you apply. You can learn everything there is to know about becoming a truck driver in Australia by having a quick read of this article.

And of course, in getting a job in this industry, there are also some heavy haulage qualifications and requirements for drivers and contractors. If you wish to work as a heavy truck driver in Australia, you must first complete the following steps:

  • Get your driver’s license
  • Learn how to operate a truck.
  • Obtain a Light Rigid Driver’s License (LR) – this allows you to drive trucks weighing up to 8 tonnes with a towing trailer weighing no more than 9 tonnes.

If you are interested to know some of the available heavy haulage driving jobs, you must pass the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment to obtain your heavy truck license and work as a truckie in Australia (HVCBA). This test is available through a Registered Training Organization (RTO). You can take the exam with a Roads and Maritime Testing Officer if there isn’t an RTO nearby.

You must also pass an eye check and a knowledge test specific to your license class. So, if you’re applying for a job in HR, you’ll have to pass a knowledge test in HR.

The good news is that anyone who wants to learn to drive a truck and become a truck driver in Australia can find numerous good paying jobs. If you want a new career, getting a heavy truck license isn’t a bad idea. Consider what types of trucks you want to drive, and then work your way up to this license class.

People that make good Cat C+E heavy truck drivers are composed and assured on the road. When driving, you’ll need patience and the ability to solve difficulties as they arise. This could include unexpected traffic, limits on big cargoes, irritated road users, or even the closure of a gas station. Be ready for long days and early mornings. You must also be willing to work alone for most of the shift and not rely on someone to check in on you on a regular basis. To avoid road accidents and getting lost, it’s also important to be focused and have high concentration skills. There are many prospects for advancement in this field as one of the best heavy haulage drivers if you are dedicated to your job.

Of course, it’s also necessary for heavy haulage contractors to have a driver’s license for emergency and safety purposes. Say that the driver could not be present and available at the date and time of an urgent delivery, the contractor could still complete the transportation task.

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