Simply looking at the word “tilt tray” should give you a good idea of how this mode of transportation works. A tilt tray on the back of this tow truck distinguishes it from others. This tray is tilted so that the back edge can touch the ground. When transporting large or irregularly shaped goods, a tilting tray like this makes it easier to put the cargo onto the truck’s bed. Unlike traditional trucks, there is no need to load the equipment with a boom or crane. A hydraulic system is installed beneath the tilt tray truck’s bed. When necessary, hydraulics allow the tray to tilt and slide. A winch at the front performs the task of pulling the equipment onto the tilt tray. The hydraulic system then repositions the tray horizontally on the truck. This is how a tilt tray works in a nutshell.



A tilt tray truck is a vehicle that transports machinery and equipment that many people prefer to use to get from point A to point B. The fact that it carries the cargo on its platform rather than dragging it is perhaps its most appealing feature. A tilt tray truck, as the name implies, uses a movable tray that can be tilted at an angle. The tray can reach the ground and is loaded and slid onto the truck using a hydraulic mechanism. The cargo is pulled up and secured on the tray by a winch rope.

Tilt tray trucks have a large front seating area and often have enough space in the back for up to five passengers. Depending on the truck’s size, it can transport up to three lots of cargo at once. It is the simplest, safest, and most efficient method of towing machinery and equipment, especially those that are enormous, expensive and require special attention.



In the case of special requirements, a tilt tray truck is often the best choice to carry on the towing and transport goods. It’s especially true:

  • When it comes to transporting shipping containers.
  • Necessity to move large heavy machines.
  • Equipment needs moving from point A to point B.
  • When it comes to moving special mining or farm equipment.



Many consumers prefer tilt tray trucks over others because of the safe manner of transporting the cargo rather than dragging it. It gives customers peace of mind that their goods are protected from harm rather than if they used the hook and chain approach. Tilt tray trucks make it easy to get your goods ready for shipment, regardless of its location. Your goods do not need to be moved or maneuvered in any particular way in order to be towed. Furthermore, damaged cargo is sensitive and require extra caution when handling. Following an accident, a tilt tray truck may be the best alternative for transporting your goods to safety. Additionally, conventional pulling method can obstruct the truck’s rear-view, resulting in an additional accident. Also, most importantly, tilt tray trucks can accommodate goods in difficult scenarios. Ordinary towing trucks may struggle to maneuver the goods and take a long time to recover them. In contrast, the flatbed of a tilt tray truck can be changed to handle intricate scenarios. Using hydraulic power, the goods can be simply moved and raised, and it can be on its way to the destination quickly and efficiently.



Machinery and huge items of equipment are difficult to transport to various sites throughout Australia. THS are based in Brisbane and recommend the use of tilt tray trucks for quicker and more efficient transportation. If you’ve never had to deal with the transportation and delivery of a large or heavy load before, the information our team can provide will have you reassured.

It’s only normal that after reading all of the information THS can provide, you still have questions about tilt trays and how these services can work for you in Brisbane and throughout Australia. If that’s the case, please contact us via email or phone to get answers to your questions. Our company has a lot of expertise working with tilt trays and transporting goods with them.

THS provide capacity up to 11 tonnes for tilt tray services and we cover; transporting access equipment (EWP’s), boats, buildings (site sheds, tiny houses), cars, containers, civil construction machinery, forklifts, hire equipment, materials handling equipment, mining equipment, trailers and trucks.

If you want to find out more information about this, you can contact us at your convenience. For now, we hope that you’ve been educated on the basics of tilt tray trucks and how they function.

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