Transporting machinery and large items of equipment to various locations across Australia is tough. THS, based in Brisbane, suggests that tilt tray trucks be used for faster and more efficient delivery. If you’ve never had to deal with the transportation and delivery of a large or heavy load before, our team’s knowledge will put your mind at ease.

It’s only natural that after reading everything THS has to offer, you still have questions regarding tilt tray trucks transportation and how they may help you in Brisbane and across Australia. If this is the case, please contact us by email or phone so that we can answer your questions.

Our business has a great deal of experience with tilt trays and how to deliver items with them. THS transports access equipment (EWPs), boats, buildings (site sheds, tiny houses), vehicles, containers, civil construction machinery, forklifts, hire equipment, materials handling equipment, mining equipment, trailers, and trucks utilizing tilt tray services with a capacity of approximately 11 tonnes.




A tilt tray truck also known as a rollback, or flatbed truck, is a huge towing vehicle that many people prefer when transporting bigger items. The fact that it can carry other vehicles on its platform rather than dragging them, is perhaps its most appealing characteristic. A tilt tray truck uses a movable tray that can be tilted at a certain angle. The tray can reach the ground and is then loaded and slid onto the truck using a hydraulic mechanism. The vehicle is pulled upwards and is secured on the tray by a winch rope.

Tilt tray trucks have a large seating capacity area and often have enough space in the back for up to five passengers. Depending on the truck’s size, it can transport up to three vehicles at once.




Before a tilt tray truck operator could be considered qualified to transport a tilt tray truck, they must undergo extensive training. The reason for this is that if a tilt tray truck is not utilized properly, it can cause significant damage to automobiles or worse, people. A tilt tray truck should only be operated by a skilled and experienced individual. However, a beginner may learn about the tilt tray loading process by reading an in-depth description of the following steps.

  1. Reverse the truck to the front of the load and park it. Make sure there’s enough room between the cargo and the tilt tray truck. When a tilt trade truck is transporting a load with a tilt tray slide, the tray will tilt and then slide off the vehicle in a backward motion. The heavy weight should be directly in front of the back edge when it reaches ground level. This could be anything from heavy machinery, for example, a truck or automobile.
  2. There are hydraulic controls that cause the tray to tilt and slide, as previously stated. Before moving on to the third step, make sure the tray is in the correct position.
  3. There is a winch at the front of the tray with hooks or chains attached to it. Unwind the winch until the hooks or chains are perfectly aligned with the weight in the front. These two components are connected so that the operator may lift the load onto the tray.
  4. The operator will winch the load onto the tray once the tray has been tilted and positioned correctly underneath the weight.
  5. The weight should now be fully winched up onto the tray. You’ll want to tilt and slide the tray backward until it reaches its original horizontal position at this point. This is a position that is contained within the frame of the truck.
  6. The cargo is then attached to the tray by straps and chains while the tray is positioned horizontally, and you’re ready to drive away and transfer the item to its destination.




  • Tilt tray trucks make it easy to transport your vehicle ready for shipment, regardless of its location. Your car does not need to be moved or maneuvered in any particular way in order to be towed. Tilt tray trucks will just need to modify the position of their flatbed to elevate your vehicle off the ground. Once your automobile has been found, you will be able to get back on the road sooner and in a safer manner.
  • Damaged vehicles require extra caution when operating. Following an accident, a tilt tray truck may be the best alternative for transporting your vehicle to safety. Your automobile is safely placed on a flatbed, rather than being dragged along on its two tyres. This will protect it against physical (scratches and dents) as well as mechanical (transmission, tyres, and linkage) damage.
  • The traditional way of pulling a vehicle can restrict the truck’s rear-view mirror, resulting in another accident. The car being towed might become unattached and collide with other vehicles on the road. Tilt tray trucks, on the other hand, avoid these dangers entirely. Motorists are not vulnerable to unexpected accidents because the driver has a clear view of the road.
  • Vehicles can become disconnected from the tow truck for a variety of reasons. It could be caused by a range of factors, including malfunctioning hooks, uneven terrain, and unbalanced weight distribution. With a tilt tray truck, however, this will not be the issue! You may take comfort in knowing that your vehicle will remain stable and secure on a flatbed.
  • Transporting to your location after your car has been hauled away could be quite inconvenient. Tilt tray trucks, by chance, now come with extra seating for up to 4 or 5 passengers. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting a ride if you were stuck on a main interstate road, for example. While your vehicle is being transported, you may simply board and ride along in the same truck.
  • It can be difficult to come back to a damaged vehicle. A car towing company may be called to assist with a vehicle that has become trapped in a ditch or a river, for example. It might even be wedged between two other automobiles. Ordinary towing trucks may struggle to maneuver the car and it may take a long time to recover your automobile. In contrast, the flatbed of a tilt tray truck can be changed to handle intricate accident scenarios. Using hydraulic power, the car can be simply moved and raised, and it can be on its way to the service facility in no time.
  • Tilt tray trucks are more expensive than tow trucks due to the nature of their functioning. However, tilt tray trucks can easily be the most cost-effective alternative, given all the benefits they provide. The higher cost is justified by the increased safety, security, rapid operation, flexibility, and convenience.




Tilt tray trucks are designed to make transporting heavy and/or oversized items easier. In general, if you have something that is difficult to lift from the ground, you should use a tilt tray truck instead.

Here are the common loads tilt tray trucks are usually transporting:

  • Cargo Containers

It’s unlikely that you have a large crane on hand to move shipping containers around your workplace. This type of equipment is only encountered on industrial docks. If you try to load a shipping container onto the back of an ordinary truck, it’s possible that they won’t be able to get to it because it’s in a tight spot. You will notice how much easier it is to load a container onto the tray and then drive it to its destination when you hire a service person to bring a tilt tray truck that’s for the correct load. If you receive shipping containers daily, you might consider hiring a tilt tray truck service to handle your transportation requirements.

  • Oversized Equipment

Because equipment and machinery are so heavy, an ordinary vehicle may not be able to lift them. A tilt tray truck, on the other hand, may easily achieve this, whether they are useful or not. This will make loading the equipment into the tilt tray truck both safe and quick. It’s also a less expensive way to move such loads with heavier weight.




  • When specific needs exist, a tilt tray truck is frequently the best option for hauling and transporting items.
  • Performance-wise, traditional tow vehicles take a long time. It is significantly slower than the other models in terms of pulling and carrying the vehicle.
  • Even excellent driving skills are not always enough. Other tow trucks lack built-in safety features or have already degraded due to years of use. Tilt tray trucks, surprisingly, are just as safe as they are speedy. This vehicle is designed to haul and move the heaviest of cargo, such as shipping containers, safely.
  • The need to transport massive, heavy machines.
  • Equipment must be transported from point A to point B.
  • When it comes to transporting specialized mining or agricultural equipment.


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